Hannah Howes, Singer/Songwriter

Hannah Howes, Singer/Songwriter "I have two of Ian's Guitars and soon will have three. I also have a Singing Wood dulcimer. Built by not only a master craftsman but also a very spiritual man, the first guitar I received from Ian was responsible for the creation of the title track for my EP, Patchwork Quilt. I can honestly say it embodied some real magic... I took it home and began playing in an open tuning and simultaneously wrote the verses and chorus for the song. I first fell in love with the feel and tone of the instrument, with its deep, resonant bass nicely accompanying my quiet vocals. I also love the aesthetic and 'sacred' quality of these highly prized handmade guitars - you can run your hand over the soundboard and feel the grain of the wood like valleys and ridges. My second, smaller guitar is a 12 fret guitar based on a Martin classical. It is light and easy to play and of course beautiful to look at. The third will be from the Koru Series, made from recycled New Zealand native woods. It is a nylon string and again I have fallen in love with the warm tone, playability and resonance of this one and cannot wait to have it in my possession! I feel so lucky to even know about these guitars. They are individually created for their player to a standard of sound quality that equals any of the best or oldest guitars I've heard. From the perspective of a songwriter, sculptor, and craftsperson, Singing Wood is all about class. From finely tuned fret-board comfort, intonation, tone and durability, each guitar patently embodies a labour of love."



Check out the Video made by NHNZ on Ian Davie and Singing Wood.

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