Anneka Thwaites with her 100% NZ native wood guitar

Anneka Thwaites with her 100% NZ native wood guitar

August 2011

I love my Singing Wood guitar!  Mine is a funky wee classic steel, with a silhouette of a little man sitting cross-legged inlaid on the top.  The tone is just beautiful.  For a small guitar, it has a very mellow and surprisingly full tone.  As soon as I saw and played it, I just fell in love with it.  It is just so spectacularly different from everything else!

As a cabinetmaker and woodcarver, I really appreciate the detail and individuality Ian puts into his guitars, such as the inlaid leaves, unique designs, player's hole and innovative bracing systems, not to mention the artistic flare and use of NZ timbers!

As soon as the guitar comes out of the case it has people's attention - they all want to know what it is and where it came from!  I am totally blown away and will treasure my new baby always!

Anneka Thwaites

 You can see Anneka playing her Singing Wood guitar on TV1s Goodmorning show at




Check out the Video made by NHNZ on Ian Davie and Singing Wood.

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